Eighth Graders "Imagine the World Otherwise"

Posted On: 2/1/2018 11:20 AM

Written By: Susan Leonard, 8th Grade Bible Teacher


Eighth graders are learning to “imagine the world otherwise” as they work on their “Gen Z” projects - a culminating Middle School interdisciplinary project in which students learn what it means to look at the world with a biblical worldview lens  - and talk about it.  8th graders are asked to answer the question, “What do I care about?” in the world. Then, students choose a topic, identify a problem, research and deliver a TED-Talk like 5 minute speech. Topics this year include:


“Are Iphones ruining family time?”
“How is social media affecting the lives of teens?”
Topics range from technology to business, politics, education, science, faith and the military. Students learn God’s Story from Creation to Restoration and begin to learn what God intended and intends for Creation and the effects of the Fall even as they learn key research reading, writing and speaking skills in both English and Bible classes. Projects and speeches will be presented and delivered at the All School Assembly Academic Showcase on Friday April 13th!


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