AACS Senior Achieves TOP 1% of ACT and SAT Scores

Posted On: 12/6/2017 12:19 PM

Senior Evan Robertson has been at AACS since his sixth grade year. Evan has two brothers, both of whom went through AACS and are now both on the rowing team at the Naval Academy.  His father is also a Naval Academy graduate!
Evan has been a standout student at AACS since he began here in 2011. His most recent accomplishment is that both his SAT and his ACT scores were in the top 1% of the country!!!  This is certainly something to be proud of!
We asked Evan to describe one of his biggest lessons learned during his high school years at AACS.  "I would say the most significant thing I've learned is the importance of slowing down once in a while" said Evan.  "I've always been a pretty busy person, and hard work is good, but early on I never gave myself the chance to rest.  In high school, I realized I would go insane if all I did was work, so I found some things I enjoyed doing, like playing guitar, and it made all the difference in my mental state."
Evan's current top choices for college are the Naval Academy, MIT, or CalTech but he's still considering many options.  He plans to major in something related to physics, such as astrophysics or astronautical engineering.
Evan says that he got his SAT scores first.  He says that he had taken the test once before and done well, but not well enough for some of the colleges he was considering. "I remember the night before the results were to come out, I was too anxious to get much sleep. When I woke up, I remember immediately checking the SAT score site and being shocked when I saw my score." Evan says he received his ACT scores about a month later and was just as surprised.  "I feel blessed to be able to have done well, and thankful to all the people that taught me.  There's no way I'd be able to do that well on those tests on my own."
As Evan looks forward to what lies ahead, he feels that AACS has prepared him well for the culture he'll be a part of at his college of choice.  "AACS has exposed me to secular thinking and philosophy, viewed through a Christian perspective," says Evan. "I feel the logic in the philosophy of my faith will be able to stand strong against the draw of the secular worldview of whatever college I may enter."
We asked Mary Robertson, Evan's mother and an AACS Board Member, what she has appreciated most about her son's high school experience.  "I have appreciated the way Evan has been able to chart his own path, with support from his teachers," said Mary. "He has been challenged to think deeply about the world around him and how best to engage his gifts and talents. He sure has had some extraordinary teachers along the way."
Congratulations to Evan Robertson!  We are so proud of you and can't wait to see what your future holds.


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