AACS Soccer Teams Have Standout Seasons

Posted On: 11/17/2017 8:12 AM

Photos: Photo 1 - The Lower School team comes to support the Varsity squad during their quarterfinal playoff win.
Photo 2 - Our Young Eagles Squad
Photo 3 - 2017 Varsity Soccer Squad
Photo 4 - Celebrating the Quarterfinal Win over Gerstell
Odds are no matter what campus you step on, you'll walk past kids running hard and scoring goals on a weekly basis.  That's because AACS soccer players kept themselves quite busy this fall, not just at the high school and middle school but also at the lower school as well.      
This season marked the first year that the AACS fielded a Lower School soccer team.   The team competed regularly within the county this past fall.  Despite being a new team in a new experience, the squad quickly rose through the ranks, winning several games toward the end of the season while thoroughly enjoying themselves.  Led by Coach Jeff Halpern, the teams were able to grow their soccer skills and friendships while competing in some exciting games.  "Having a Lower School program is something we've always wished to have" said Upper School Varsity Coach Vaughn Ridings.  "I think the identity they shared through soccer certainly strengthen the community and fellowship they have with each other in this school."    
Meanwhile at the Upper School, the Varsity Soccer Team had its own reasons to be excited.  Despite a long trend of disappointing results in the past several seasons, the team reached the MIAA B Conference playoffs for the first time in five years.  In fact, the Eagles did more than that - they clinched the third seed and earned the right to host the quarterfinal match-up against Gerstell Academy, a game that ended 2-0 in favor of AACS.  Although the Eagles' playoff run ended with an away defeat to Concordia Prep, it was the first time since 2010 that the team reached the semifinals.  "It was a marked turnaround that did not come without its fair share of near misses and heartache," stated Coach Ridings, "but the fact that these guys always persevered during those years was no doubt a massive contributor to their incredible success this year.  They have paved the way for years to come."     
Indeed the future seems bright for Eagles soccer.  Although there is much to celebrate at every level from the fall, the fellowship on and off the field created lasting memories for all our soccer teams.  We are indeed excited for the years ahead!


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