Final 8th Grade Chapel & Bible Lesson

Posted On: 5/22/2017 9:55 AM

The eighth grade Bible class presented their final class projects this spring. All of the students worked hard on these projects and did a great job presenting.  One student in particular produced a project that speaks volumes about the values and educational goals these students are achieving.  
AACS Bible teacher Susan Leonard taught her students about Bloom's Taxonomy which was created in 1956 under the leadership of educational psychologist Dr. Benjamin Bloom, in order to promote higher forms of thinking in education. Wanting them to demonstrate a deep understanding and not simply recall facts, her students practiced analyzing and evaluating concepts, processes, procedures and principles.  Mrs. Leonard explained "My primary goal was for students to draw new connections among ideas (the Bible "system" from creation to restoration, or God's plan of salvation) and produce new or original work. I believe by doing this the students truly are becoming "Growing Believers" and are able to demonstrate this AACS education goal. Bible content is critical, but it is nothing if we cannot profess, defend and share it." This was the structure for their final project.
For this final project students were to find creative ways to show and tell how to see God clearly, see themselves honestly, and how others are made in the image of God. Eighth grade student Kelly Bickhart chose to write and illustrate a children's book. What's even more wonderful is that it is now published. The book arrived in time for the final 8th grade chapel where Kelly was able to share it with the whole Middle School. The back of the book boasts an exciting message to all who read it: ...Through this project, I learn how to see God clearly, myself honestly, and that others are made in the image of God. I love little kids and I love helping them learn about the world God created.  I am hoping that this children's book will help me teach little kids about the truth of Jesus and how he can change their lives.
You may purchase her book by going to and search for "Who Can be the Storm and the Sunshine" by Kelly Bickhart.


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