Exciting Summer Plans for Evan Robertson

Posted On: 3/8/2017 11:56 AM

Both of these summer programs have a very competitive selection process and we are excited for and proud of Evan for this achievement. 
I am really excited to have been selected to participate in both Air Force and Navy’s Summer Seminar programs this summer" said Evan shortly after hearing the news.  "I look forward to comparing both schools, particularly their Physics/Aeronautical Engineering programs."  When asked about his college plans Evan said "I get asked a lot about whether I am going to go to Navy - honestly, I am not sure where I will go. I am definitely applying to a few other schools and am planning on studying Physics or Astro/Aeronautics. Obviously Navy has a strong Physics program so we’ll see what actually works out!" 
Caleb Robertson, AACS Class of 2014, and Luke Robertson, AACS Class of 2016, are Evan's older brothers and both attend the U.S. Naval Academy.  Mrs. Mary Robertson, Evan's mom, said "I, too, get asked if Evan is going to follow his brothers to USNA.  We have tried hard to let each boy know they get to make their own choices on college, depending on where they believe God is calling them to use their skills and gifts."  Mrs. Robertson says "Evan has a pretty keen mind and definitely knows what he wants to study so we are eager to see where that will take him. We are sure grateful to amazing teachers like Jake Palumbo, Ruth Hartcorn, Chris Deterding and Eric Nebbia who have all been such extraordinary role models for our kids!"


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