2017 Outstanding Student Achievers Awards by The Capital Gazette

Posted On: 3/2/2017 11:57 AM

Three exceptional AACS Juniors will be honored by the Capital Gazette Newspapers and the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce at the 2017 High School Outstanding Student Achievers Reception on March 8th. A number of honored high school juniors from around the county will gather for the ceremony to receive their Outstanding Student Achievement Awards at Anne Arundel Community College. Congratulations to Mark Wiley, Evan Robertson, and Zachary Hartman who are all three most certainly worthy of an Outstanding Student Achievement Award!
Mark Wiley consistently demonstrates excellence in academics, the arts, and citizenship.  His AP Physics teacher said, “Mark brings an attention and diligence to his work that marks him as exceptional among his peers.  He pursues his studies with an academic inquiry in order to pursue a higher understanding of challenging topics.”  According to his AP English teacher, Mark consistently “demonstrates curiosity about learning, makes thoughtful commentary, and is kind and considerate with peers.”  Mark is an accomplished vocalist who, according to our Choir Director, “sings in two of four auditioned choral ensembles, including our most competitive choir… Most impressive to me is Mark's character; his focus, detail-oriented mindset, humility, and humor.”  His Pre-AP Spanish teacher wrote, “Mark consistently works diligently to improve our school community.  Mark has served on Student Council since ninth grade and is a regular attendee at early morning and Saturday meetings.  In Spanish class, he demonstrates an interest and love for Latin culture.  He has served on mission trips to Colombia and will serve in Nicaragua in June."  The Dean of Students commented, “Mark is an outstanding young man.  He is widely respected by staff and students alike.  I think what I appreciate most about Mark is his commitment to Student Council.  He is perhaps my most committed and involved officer, someone who is virtually always the first one to meetings and the last to leave an event after cleaning up, long after others have departed."
Evan Robertson is a truly gifted student whose leadership comes from his grounding in moral and performance values and virtues.  Evan’s AP Physics teacher said, “Evan can seamlessly blend his exceptional intellect with clever humor and humble leadership in the classroom.  Evan regularly works alongside his peers, leading them through challenging material with modesty and grace.”  His AP English teacher wrote, “He is quick to make shrewd observations about some of the challenging texts.”  In addition to standing out in the classroom, Evan is a talented and dedicated guitar player who serves as part of our school’s Chapel Band with distinction.  “Evan loves to talk about his passion for music.  He leads well and continues to impress me with his ability to clearly articulate what he is thinking,” commented his mentor.  Our Dean of Students said, "It has been a joy to see Evan blossom as a leader this year…He is one of my strongest and most vocal leaders of the Student Honor Council."  Evan is also an exceptional athlete and his swimming coach observed, “Evan is a young man of character who exemplifies the value of citizenship… I have seen him grow as a leader in and out of the pool.  As he grows so does his impact.  Evan continues to be an example for others to follow as he models those values in his life.   Evan is not a leader of show but of substance.”
Zachary Hartman demonstrates excellence in academics, the arts, and citizenship.  According to Zach’s honors math teacher, “Zach is an excellent student.  He freely participates in class and is willing to think deeply.  He is one of those rare students who seems to consistently rise to a challenge and enjoy it!”  Other faculty members describe him as “engaged and intelligent” and as “a consistently positive role model to his peers.”  Zach’s AP Physics teacher wrote, “He is enthusiastic in his learning and thus models an approach every teacher would wish to see in his or her students!”  Zach is also an outstanding trumpet player in our Symphonic Band and is one of the leaders in our highly successful Marching Band.  Our Dean of Students said,  “Zach has epitomized servant leadership during his time at AACS.  A young man who is quite content to 'fly under the radar, Zach has earned tremendous respect from both students and staff for his willingness to put in tremendous work to serve others and for his humble, kind, selfless demeanor.  Zach is a member of our Student Council and also is the student head of our audio-visual team.  Perhaps most telling, whenever I need something done, especially in the audio-visual realm, I always contact Zach."  Zach also desires to serve outside of our school community and will be a key member of a short-term service trip team to Ticuantepe, Nicaragua, in June of this year.
Written By: Bob McCollum, AACS Upper School Principal 


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