Lower School in Severn Holds "Q" & "U" Wedding

Posted On: 1/30/2017 9:03 AM

Girls with twirling dresses, boys with clip on ties, and a room full of first graders ready to celebrate the wedding of the letters "Q" and "U."  After learning the spelling pattern for qu, first grade attended the wedding of "Q" and "U."  The letters were joined in alphabet matrimony as we are forever reminded that you can't write a "Q" without also writing a "U." 
Principal Graustein officiated the wedding, which was followed by a lovely reception. The wonderful and generous first grade parents sent in sweet treats to help celebrate. Q and U received many wonderful gifts, such as quilts, quarters, quest wands, quarts, liquids, and ducks that quack.  The students were happy to help "Q" and "U" keep track of their gifts, by recording each gift given to the letter.


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