Middle School At The Movies For "Hidden Figures"

Posted On: 1/19/2017 2:29 PM

The sixth grade students attended a special showing of Hidden Figures on Thursday, January 19, at Bow Tie Cinema in Annapolis. Students were inspired by the story of three African American female mathematicians who worked for NASA and helped the United States achieve victory in the race to space of the 1960's. While the outing was scheduled primarily as a math field trip, the movie opened minds and hearts to many important themes in addition to the importance of math.
Rebekka, an AACS 6th grade student, shared her thoughts on the film, "I thought it was cool how they showed the math figures and also all the people behind the scenes [of the space program] that you really did not know were there." Students clapped and cheered throughout the movie as right overcame wrong and hearts of a past era were changed for the better. Sabrina, also an AACS 6th grade student, realized how different life was back then, saying "The movie made me think about what people had to go through. Sometimes I think my life is hard or unfair. They had to overcome a lot of stuff to get where they wanted to go." Sabrina continued "My favorite line of the movie was, 'Every time we get a chance to succeed, they move the finish line'."
The class reflected on the many lessons about grace, love, and equality. And, of course, they were inspired by the many brilliant mathematicians (the first computers) that used their gifts to pave the way for many generations of future space explorers from all walks of life. The sixth grade class give the movie 2 thumbs way up!!


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