Stacks Of Oreos...."Yummy Fun Math"

Posted On: 11/4/2016 4:54 PM

By Misty McReady

Tuesday October 13th, the 5th grade held a special event to reinforce math skills in the classroom. This team building event was a global project. It's "the best way to learn math" explains 5th grade student Sabrina MacArthur.

The O.R.E.O. Project, which stands for Our Really Exciting Online Project, is hosted by a teacher in Southern California. This is her 15th year of hosting this project. Since 1999, students from every state in the United States, almost every Canadian province, and several other countries, have participated in this project and submitted their results online to share with each other.

Each student had two chances to stack as many Oreos as they could. There are certain rules involved that were explained to the class before students began the project. When asked what did you think about this project, student Eva Starghill tells her teacher, it's "my favorite math contest."

At the end of the day, students Emma Trahar and Christian Young won the contest for their class. Christian's highest Oreo stack was 27 and Emma's was 32. As for the Global competition? After every participant records their stack counts, everyone's highest count is averaged together for ONE CLASS AVERAGE. As of October 15th, globally, the average stack is 17 Oreos high based on 337 classrooms, totaling more than 7,000 students participating. Results are still being posted so currently there are not any entries for Maryland.

To follow the results or if you would like to see more of this project, please visit


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