The Crucible

Upper School Drama Club Fall Play 2012

Tackling Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible is no easy task for a troupe of high school actors, but AACS’s Upper School Drama Club rose to the challenge with their fall 2012 production. In addition to displaying incredible performances by some exceptionally talented student-actors, producing The Crucible allowed the Drama Club to explore what it means to live in community, what are appropriate responses to guilt and fear, how mankind’s notion of “justice” can be flawed, and where Truth can be found. Through this project, the cast discovered that Truth is it’s own good, regardless of personal benefit or blessing. Along with regular performances, the cast presented a free matinee show to an audience of local homeschool and middle school students, and Dr. Ken Camacho (Upper School English faculty) and Ms. Niki Ellis (Co-director, Upper School English faculty) presented a free lecture before four performances.

View a slideshow with photographs from the production:


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