AACS 2016 Upper School Choir Tour

Posted On: 10/25/2016 4:52 PM

AACS 2016 Upper School Choir Tour
Posted 04/28/2016 11:42AM

Pictured: Left, Choirs with artist Tyree Guyton at the Heidelberg Project (Detroit, MI). Right, Mr. King conducting the Bell'Arte Singers in a street performance at Niagara Falls.

The AACS Upper School Choir Tour to Detroit and Toronto was a spiritually uplifting experience. There were several eye-opening moments, specifically at the Heidelberg Project (Detroit, MI) and Niagara Falls.

At Heidelberg, we had the chance to see artwork that had been created in the midst of a broken-down neighborhood. At first glance, the art seemed to be random objects thrown together arbitrarily with no purpose at all. However, as our Heidelberg Project tour-guide led us around, the purpose for much of it was revealed. We even had the chance to meet the artist himself, Tyree Guyton. Most of his work includes "found things" that Mr. Guyton picks up off the streets of Detroit. This is to represent how many things humanity throws away, including people. I could feel God working through his art, and reminding us all of the carelessness of our society, and the hardships that so many individuals go through.

On another note, the beauty of the Falls was breathtaking. It reminded us of something that Mr. King had said regarding creation earlier that month. He said that God gave all of His creation to us. God made Niagara Falls, and He gave it to us. We couldn't help wondering how we could deserve such a thing, because we knew that we did not. But, our loving God gave it to us anyways to care for and enjoy.

The performing arts department at AACS is a very tight-knit community, and during the choir tour it was plainly seen. On the bus ride to Detroit, many of the students did not know anyone outside of their circle of friends, but on the plane ride home we all felt like family. As we rode busses, sang, and completed service projects together, there were no 'little groups' to be found; everyone was interacting and talking to each other. When we sat down for meals, we knew that we could sit anywhere and would be welcomed and engaged by my peers. The atmosphere was fun, caring, and encouraging throughout the entire tour.

Caraline Bothmer and Susanne Whitney, class of 2019

Members of Bell'Arte Singers

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