Girls Field Hockey Team Gets New Mouth Guards

Posted On: 10/25/2016 4:48 PM

Girls Field Hockey Team Gets New Mouth Guards
Posted 09/02/2016 11:20AM

About five years ago, Dr. Gary Goodman offered to provide the AACS Girls Field Hockey team with free fitted mouth guards. Dr. Goodman explained to recently retired Girls Varsity Field Hockey Coach Sharon Wiley that fitted mouth guards are not only more comfortable, but also safer and better for the players' mouths.

Dr. Goodman not only made these mouth guards comfortable and safe for the athletes, but also customized them to the school colors. They are also less expensive than the mouth guards you would buy in the store! The field hockey team has returned every year to get these customized fitted mouth guards. Every player enjoys getting them since they are custom molded to their individual mouth.

Junior, Mary Mitchell said, "They are very comfortable. You barely even know you have a mouth guard in your mouth. It is so easy to talk and communicate to each other with them in." Senior Leah Cotton said, "We love going there and they continue to do it for us every year". Not only are the mouth guards easier to play with, but the trip to the dentist is always a great team bonding activity.

The fitted mouth guard tradition has spread to other teams in the school. This year, the football team received these custom fitted mouth guards as well.The AACS Athletic Program is very grateful for Dr. Goodman and everyone at Goodman Dental Care for their generosity and their efficiency in making these fitted mouth guards for our teams year after year.

Story by Student Reporter Mary Mitchell


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