School Spirit Shines as AACS Fight Song Plays

Posted On: 10/25/2016 4:48 PM

School Spirit Shines as AACS Fight Song Plays
Posted 09/14/2016 03:16PM

This summer, AACS commissioned a professional composer to write a fight song for the school. The composer is Mark Lortz, the Director of Bands at Stevenson University. He's written for the Marching Band several times over the years and this year's Marching Band show is by him as well. Once the music was composed, Ethan Hall, AACS Instrumental Music Program Director, wrote the lyrics. The song will be used at athletic games and other events to show our school spirit.

At our first home varsity football game on September 9th, the AACS heard the new song for the first time. The Marching Band had been practicing all week.

"I thought the first game using the fight song went well" said Ethan Hall. "It took a little bit for the crowd to warm up to it, but thankfully we scored a lot of touchdowns and they were able to hear it a lot! I think folks really enjoyed it."

Our new fight song will be a great part of AACS sports and school spirit for years to come. The song was especially fun with our cheerleaders leading the crowd!

AACS Fight Song Lyrics:

Eagles have come out to play,

With our Lord leading the way.

Gold and Blue will never die,

Eagles always try try try!

And when the vic'try is won,

Proud we will stand.

Then "All For Him!" will be proclaimed by

Eagles throughout the land.

E-A-G-L-E-S- GO!

Interesting Fact:

The oldest collegiate fight song in the United States is Boston College's "For Boston", composed by T.J. Hurley in 1885.

Story by Jennifer Good


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