2015 Sixth Grade Retreat to Skycroft

Posted On: 10/25/2016 4:32 PM

2015 Sixth Grade Retreat to Skycroft
Posted 04/17/2015 01:20PM

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Last Thursday and Friday the sixth grade students participated in the 6th grade retreat at Skycroft. The goal of this retreat is to have fun with a spiritual emphasis. It was an amazing time for students, parents, and teachers.

Students have been working on a bridge building project in math class, so they took the time to visit different bridges on their way to the Skycroft Conference Center in Middletown Maryland. They started their trip by visiting covered bridges in Harpers Ferry, Savage Mill and Thurmont.

After arriving at Skycroft and getting settled, students participated in a confidence course followed by games and a special "club" time. The guest speaker for the "club" was Pastor Christian Hipsky of Chesapeake Christian Fellowship. Pastor Christian's message about "transforming our lives" resonated well with the kids. Students spent the rest of the evening doing Karaoke or playing dodge ball or basketball and enjoyed just being together. One parent shared "It was especially heart warming to see all of the children interacting so nicely together. There were no clicks, no evil eyes or mocking words, just kids being kids and enjoying each others uniqueness. Truly a Christ-filled, Christ-centered value system displayed."

After breakfast the next morning the kids met for club again with Pastor Christian, followed by some free time before heading back to Annapolis. Once they were back in school, students spent some time reflecting on the retreat. They talked specifically about how their parent's support blessed them. They then worked collaboratively to draft this letter to their parents.


Dear Lovely Parents,

Thank you for helping and supporting us. We appreciate you taking time off of work and from your schedules to come to the retreat. We are very grateful for what you have done to make the 6th Grade Retreat possible. Thank you for driving us and for stopping so we could buy lunch. Thank you for joining in the games with us and for tolerating our excitement. Thank you for encouraging us during the confidence course. We appreciate you keeping us safe and watching us in the gym. Thank you for doing your duties at the different stations so that we could enjoy our time. Thank you for leading our discussion groups and listening to us. We enjoyed your company. Thank you for reminding us to throw our dirty dishes away. Thank you for staying up with us during free time, even if you were tired. Thank you for helping us with our injuries. We thank you for sitting with us at meals and listening to our weird conversations and having good discussions with us. We enjoyed talking to you and getting to know you better. Thank you for helping us to get settled into our cabins and for calming us down at night. You helped us get our luggage together in the morning. We are grateful that you checked everything in the cabins before we left. Even if you could not come, we are thankful that you allowed us to go.


The 6th Grade Students


What a special group of young minds and hearts.



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