8th Graders Called to Lead

Posted On: 10/25/2016 1:48 PM

8th Graders Called to Lead
Posted 10/12/2016 03:40PM

Story by Susan Leonard

The 8th grade class recently enjoyed the annual 8th Grade Retreat. Dean of Students Eric Hansen and Chaplain Doug Scheidt were the keynote speakers at our 8th Grade Servant Leadership Retreat. They discussed what it means to be a leader in the world today. "To be great is to be Godly," they said, and asked students to list how to train ourselves to do this:

1. Be in regular prayer and devotions;

2. Develop a vision of who God is [and who we are not] and

3. Practice humility.

"It is this work, done behind the scenes, that influence what kind of leader you become" they explained. Mr. Scheidt asked "Do you have a big vision of God or small?" Mr. Hansen explained "you can influence without being a leader, you can be a leader without influence, but you can't be a good leader without influence." Both men shared how being a leader is the stuff you do under the water, or behind the scenes: prayer and devoting yourself to God's Word.

Luke Borchelt, a recent graduate and AACS "lifer," also spoke to the students. One simple and profound piece of advice he left with the students was to "Go to chapel like you go to lunch, hungry!"

The leadership training offered at this annual event is not the type of training that occurs at one Retreat and then happens during one school year. It is work that needs to be practiced throughout a student's educational years, particularly in Grades 8 and continued in Grades 9-12. Recent advances in brain imaging and mapping in the field of neuroscience prove that the work done during this time period in a person's life is what sticks and becomes ingrained in the brain's circuitry as lifelong patterns. The Lord tells us to "train up our children in the ways of the Lord..." for this reason. If we commit to Christian education this year and through your child's Senior year of high school, lifelong patterns develop that can influence what type of a leader your child becomes.


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