AACS 6th Grade Retreat 2016

Posted On: 10/25/2016 1:48 PM

AACS 6th Grade Retreat 2016
Posted 10/14/2016 01:09PM



Story by Misty McReady

It was a beautiful morning for the 6th grade class as they gathered together at Camp Wabanna for the AACS 6th grade retreat on Thursday, October 13th. After praise and worship, Pastor Christian Hipsky, Outreach and Environments Pastor at Chesapeake Christian Fellowship, led morning chapel. He spoke throughout the day with

a wonderful message that revealed three important facts about God and his plan for each and everyone who was present.

Pastor Hipsky began with "God made you and you are unique." One of the best examples he used was that with all of the people in the entire world nobody has the same fingerprint. Everyone was given a unique fingerprint by God. His second point was that "God loves you." There is a difference between knowing God loves you and hearing someone tell you that God loves you. You are CHANGED when you know God loves you. It is an experience. The third point he made was that "God has a plan for you." He challenged the kids with a question. "Are you going to choose to be a part of God's plan or are you going to conform, go back to, being like everybody else?"

Later in the day the students worked hard on team building events. Some events took time to plan together and challenged them to listen to one another before putting their plan into action. Between team building and fun and games, the students broke into small groups to talk about the fruits of the spirit, from Galatians 5:22-23, and how they relate to them. It was a time for the students to bond and learn more about how God's gifts of the fruit of the spirit looks in their daily lives and that each person was blessed differently. The day ended with a challenge to choose one of their classmates and use or show love, patience, joy, self control or any of the fruits of the spirit in that relationship. The day went by quickly and the sounds of laughter and children running and playing slowly quieted down as parents came to pick up their students.




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