Community Building and a Great Day of Golf

Posted On: 10/25/2016 1:48 PM

   Community Building and a Great Day of Golf
Posted 10/20/2016 01:33PM

Story by David Sun

AACS Class of 2017

In today's society, a sense of community brings a sense of identity and pride. It is made possible through processes such as communication, inter-group relations and networking. On Monday September 26th, the AACS annual golf tournament was held at Queenstown Harbor golf course,. It was a great day of community building with a group of individuals who are united to invest and support athletics at AACS.

When asked why the golf tournament is important for AACS, Graham Thorpe, Chief Advancement Officer, said "The annual Golf Classic allows for interaction between student-athletes and those who want to further the mission of AACS. This happens in a relaxed setting that is not otherwise available and creates a sense of investment that is an encouragement to all. "

Mr. McCollum, Upper School Principal, says "the tournament provides AACS parents, supporters, and their friends an excellent opportunity to interact with some of our students in terms of the demeanor, character, and maturity. Honestly, our students are what "sells" our school and the Golf Tournament is a great way for our community members to experience our excellent "product" - students whose lives are centered around Christ."

The word "engage" is in the AACS mission statement. Engagement is important for relationship building as well as for learning. Holding community events contributes to community-wide engagement. The golf tournament is where we celebrate what we have accomplished together and what many have invested in our student-athletes. Mr. Thorpe says "The golf tournament is different than going to a sports game. At the golf tournament, our supporters can actually spend time with students and other parents. Community building is about time together, people united for a common cause."

In addition to the community-building aspect of the golf tournament, we were able to raise $17,500 for the AACS Athletic Program! God has truly blessed our efforts and we are praising Him for giving us such a gratifying and mission-centric day. Thank you again for your continued dedication to AACS and the Athletic Program.


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